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Of Note  
Long Players Do "Who's Next"
Long Players perform 'Who's Next' tonight

OK, so you've gone to the club, hoping to catch some great music and you've gone home unhappy, disappointed.

Well, we're not going to say you won't get fooled again. But you won't be fooled tonight if you decide to invest the $15 into catching The Long Players perform, front to back, the glorious rock album Who's Next at 9:30 p.m. at Mercy Lounge.

The Long Players are a group of some of our top local rockers and rollers who get together irregularly to put on shows featuring a classic album from the LP era. Members are Steve Allen on guitar, John Deaderick on keys, Steve Ebe on drums, Bill Lloyd on guitar and Garry Tallent on bass. Guests tonight include Dan Baird, Rick Schell, Tommy Womack, Maura O'Connell and more.

© The Tennessean

Click here to read this article in the Tennessean.
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