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Of Note  
"Faces of TennCare" Documentary Debuts At Nashville Film Festival
"Faces of TennCare" Documentary Debuts At Nashville Film Festival

Narration by Minton Sparks, Music By John Prine & Maura O'Connell

(Nashville, Tenn)..."Faces of TennCare," a 13-minute short documentary exploring the emotional, physical and financial devastation endured by thousands of Tennesseans who lost their medical coverage in 2005 will debut at this year's Nashville Film Festival.
Written, produced and edited by Molly Secours, the film features portraits by photo journalist Joon Powell, narration by Minton Sparks and a musical score featuring John Prine, Maura O'Connell and Steve Conn.
"I got an email from a photo journalist (Powell) who said she'd read one of my articles about the health care system and wanted me to see the portraits she'd taken of Tennesseans who lost their health care," Secours says of the film's genesis. "I was floored by her devastatingly beautiful photos."
"At first I was simply going to make it and hand it over to the Tennessee Health Care Campaign for them to use as an outreach piece," Secours adds. "Now I plan to take it to film festivals across the country...everyone who sees it wants to do something."
"Faces of TennCare" will be shown Thursday, April 20, 4:00 PM and Saturday, April 22, 5:15 PM at the Nashville Film Festival at the Green Hills Regal Cinemas. The documentary "Desire"- winner of Al Gore's Reel Current Award for providing insight into a contemporary global issue - follows "Faces of TennCare."
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