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Of Note  
Maura "Criminally Underrated"--Dallas Morning News
COUNTRY: Maura O'Connell
Grade: B+

Don't I Know (Sugar Hill) In stores Tuesday

Maura O'Connell remains criminally underrated. Her adult brand of pop folk not to mention her stunning voice still goes largely unnoticed in a music industry cluttered with no-talent momentary sensations. She'll still be making elegant albums when the rest of them have turned into footnotes.
Don't I Know comes packed with standout songs, from Mindy Smith's heart-wrenching "Going Down in Flames" to Robin Lerner and Tommy Lee James' haunting "Phoenix Falling." Ms. O'Connell sings them all with heart and soul, always exploring the core of the tune's lyrics with her captivating pipes.
And even after she's tackled heavy material such as "There's No Good Day for Dying" and the somber "When Being Who You Are (Is Not Enough)," written by Jim Lauderdale and Leslie Satcher, she never leaves you hopeless. On the contrary, hers is one of the most uplifting voices.

Mario Tarradell
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