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Tales from Old Ireland
Audio Book (2 CDs)

Retold by
Malachy Doyle
Narrated by

Maura O'Connell

Barefoot Books
(ISBN 1-84148-403-2)
Enhanced (Quicktime) Double CD
cd artwork There's an old Irish proverb, "A tune is more precious than birdsong, and a tale more precious than the wealth of the world." As a child growing up near Belfast, in Northern Ireland, I loved the old tales. I asked to hear them time and again. Later I read them, as often as I could, and I love them still.
The folk tales of Ireland are always there, somewhere in the back of my mind, feeding into everything I write. That's why I was delighted when Barefoot asked me to choose some of my favorites. I've retold them freely, as was always the way. So pull up a chair and listen to Maura O'Connell as she tells again the stories that have been heard around the firesides of Ireland for thousands of years. -- Malachy Doyle
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